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Who we Are?

Asiesa txt is Automation and Specialized Industrial Services.

Our Business Area:

• Automation and Control: Tooling and Implements, Maintenance, Process Monitoring, Control Software, Pneumatics, Hydraulic, Equipment for Sale.

• Informatics and Networking: Maintenance, Web Sites, Networking, 3D Animations, Systems, Support, Equipment for Sale, Audio and Video.




Our Mission is to Identify and Satisfy the needs of Our Customers using Advanced Application of Automation, Informatics and New Technologies offering the most High Quality Service and Support.




Our Vision is to be a Lead Company Solidly Structured that offers Wellness and Trust to their Employees, Customers and Suppliers constantly Growing and Improving.




Contact us, we will have solutions and
alternatives immediately
Piñones #229, Villa de las Flores, Coacalco, Estado de México. Tel./Fax: 01 (55) 5874 7079
email: contacto@asiesamex.com
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