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Products and Service

Get to know our Products and Services regarding Automation and Control.

Asiesa txt has capacity to Develop, Install and Maintain any of your Projects.

We will adapt to any kind of needs, from a simple Work Station to an Installation of Robotized Systems in your Production Lines.


We also have Products and Services regarding Informatics and Networking.

We have Capacity to Develop, Install and Maintain any size of Informatic Systems, Web Sites, Web Hosting and Networking Systems.

At Asiesa txt we can perform any kind of Web Development like Online Sales, Online Database Queries and Forms.

Contact us, we will have solutions and
alternatives immediately
Piñones #229, Villa de las Flores, Coacalco, Estado de México. Tel./Fax: 01 (55) 5874 7079
email: contacto@asiesamex.com
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